Concordia-Argonaut Club

About Us

The Concordia society was incorporated on January 10, 1865 by Levi Strauss and a group of young friends.

The Concordia takes extreme pride in its persistent occupancy of the same site and building since 1891, a record of continuity that marks it as unique among the City's Clubs, a true San Francisco civic landmark. For its members, as for so many other San Franciscans, the Club has also become a symbol of a splendid tradition of professional and business integrity.

Rich in tradition, the Concordia-Argonaut has served as a luxurious and comfortable "second home" over the decades to many of the Bay Area's most distinguished families.
It provides, in one historic and incomparable setting, swimming and athletic games, events and fine dining. Above all, the Club offers the fellowship and camaraderie of a membership that represents the business, social, and community leadership of the Bay Area.